I am Steve Urie and I am running for
Justice of the Peace for the Highland District Court.

Steve & Renae Urie with Russell, Jade and new grandbaby Maude Urie.

One of the things that I enjoy about campaigning for re-election is that it gives me an opportunity to account for my performance as an elected official to the voter. Simply stated in the last four years, I have accomplished the following:

33% reduction in work force through transfers to other courts.

Exceed the county's justice court averages for case processing in 5 of 6 categories.

Selected as a mentor/training JP for two newly elected JPs.

As Judicial Development Chairman coordinated the presentation of 20 continuing education class and 10 new judges' roundtables.

Under the "Accomplishments" section you can read how I ...

Returned 800 hours of unused pro-tem hours resulting in a $40,000 cost savings to the county.

Introduced Flex Time to the court resulting in an increase in morale and productivity.

Reduced employee turn-over from 25% to 10%

Reduced office supplies and material expenses by 85%

Reduced jury summons by 95% while maintaining fair and impartial justice

Reduced jury summons costs by 95%.

There is a whole lot more to being a JP than lawyering.

Re-districting in 2012 was implemented on January 1, 2013. This had a large impact on the court in 2013.

The re-districting removed 6 miles of the US 60 freeway from the Highland Court resulting in a reduction in civil and criminal traffic.

In addition, 12 square miles of multi-housing were also realigned to another justice court resulting in a decline in case filings for evictions, small claims and civil cases.

The Highland Justice Court has had the following filings since I took office in 2013.

Case Filing Category 2013 Filings 2014 Filings 2015 Filings
Civil 5040 4469 5385
Misdemeanor 220 353 248
Specific Traffic 264 215 206
Other Traffic 3159 2839 2813
Total Filings 8683 7876 8652


With a reduction in case filings in the Highland Court, the court manager and I took the initiative and started "loaning" court clerks to other courts to help with their work loads and case management.

As these clerks became familiar with the other courts, the clerks transferred to the other courts. The court manager and I were able to re-allocate 33% of the court clerks of the Highland Justice to other courts. There were no terminations.


In fiscal 2015-2016 calendar, the Arizona Supreme Court implemented time standards for case processing. There are many things which can impact a court's ability to meet the "recommended" case processing time standards. However, the best standard would be to compare the Highland Justice Court's performance to the average of the courts that are working with the same issues that impact their performance as the Highland Justice Court.


Type of Case

ALL MCJC Courts Highland Justice Court
Civil 90% within 365 days 91% within 365 days
Eviction 97% within 10 days 95% within 10 days
Small Claims 72% within 180 days 88% within 180 days
Misdemeanor DUI 73% within 180 days 84% within 180 days
Criminal Misdemeanor 85% within 180 days 86% within 180 days
Civil Traffic 91% within 90 days 96% within 90 days

The Highland Justice Court exceeds the Maricopa County Justice Courts average for case processing times in 5 of 6 categories.
Two years after becoming a JP, I was honored and humbled to be selected by the presiding JP to be a training and mentoring JP to two newly elected officials.

In June of 2015, I was selected to be the chairman of the Judicial Development and Training Committee. In the last 11 months, the committee has sponsored 20 training seminars, 10 JP round table discussions.

I have also had the opportunity to sponsor two new hearing officers.


General Election November 8, 2016

Justice of the Peace
 Highland District Court


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